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Monday, October 1, 2007

you voted so here you go: the promised

It was a dark and stormy night It was afternoon, on a Tuesday. The kids were in bed and I was half-crazed with hunger. Not the kind of starvation where I might imbibe a horse. After all, I wasn't that far gone. No, it was a discerning hunger. One that turned up its nose (does hunger have a nose?) at the most common of repasts. Frozen bean burritos would not satisfy me, this day. I barely sacrificed a glance at the leftover spaghetti on my sweep of the fridge. And then, as if a glowing beacon shone down, leading the way, I saw it.



kind of poky.

The Artichoke.

The last artichoke.

I knew then, what my destiny was.

Side note: if artichokes aren't your thing and you feel your personal experience of reading this story is being ruined thereby---please feel free to imagine whatever it is that is your particular idea of culinary heaven. back to the choke.

I spied the perfect compliment to my future meal.

It was perfect.

It was exquisite.

It was mayo.

I scarcely knew how I could stand the 25 minute wait.

But I did.
I can only poorly describe the delectable goodness, the mind blowing taste explosion, when I first partook of that much sought after food.

Did I mention it was the
last artichoke?

It was about the third worm that I encountered, that made me think I might not be able to enjoy this particular meal. I can't say I was exactly angry. No. I was too much in shock to be angry. Did they think they would win, with their cool demeanor, lily white bodies, and saucy attitude? I heard there was strength in numbers. Oh yes... I was sure there were more of them. Waiting...biding their time.
Suddenly it was upon me.
I had a choice to make.

What would I do?


  1. Oh my, I have a weak stomach so I would have chucked it!! GREAT STORY!!

  2. This was so well written and funny that it was a little less gross... lol

    The Egel Nest

  3. this almost made me cry, for I love thee artichoke, as well.

    RIP poor artichoke.

    Hope you found an appetite again, heh!

  4. i just vomited a little in my mouth....

    thank you.

  5. The suspense is killing me over here!!!

  6. Rachel,
    Finally got around to playing your fun name game- check it out when you can.

  7. hahahahaha, you crack me up! I love the way you write!

    and I love me some alcachofas too, yummy! although I do prefer mine worm free...


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