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Thursday, September 20, 2007

ninety-seven more than three

I am so excited that this is my one-hundredth post. I am sure that seems like nothing to all of you seasoned bloggers but I am excited nevertheless. The name of my blog is due to my intense problem of procrastination. Even now I should be cleaning my house. I truly have never done anything for more than a matter of about three days so I felt that my blog would suffer a similar demise. Now you understand why I am so happy that I have made it this far. There are more things that I want to accomplish for more than "three days" but now my little success here makes me feel as if I will be more capable to accomplish it.

On another subject---yesterday Anthony started his 4th AWANA year. I am very excited that he has a chance to take part in this. Up to now he has memorized 180+ bible verses and is on his way to become an approved workman for Christ. The difference with this year is that about a month ago he accepted Christ. I always told him what was what, but never pushed him. Never told him he had to. I told him there would be a choice, either way, and of his own volition, and then I said no more, unless he asked questions. In fact, when Anthony actually asked Him into his life, he was alone in his room. I am so happy. I am so blessed.

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  1. What wonderful news that Anthony accepted Christ as his personal Savior! There is no greater event that will take place in his life. And congrats on your 100th blog! (I still have a ways to go.)

  2. yay!!!! trumpets sound, angels sing!

    oh wow!!!! that is such a blessing!

    happy 100th darling!

  3. congrats on the 100th post! that's a big accomplishment...I know how hard it is to really sit down and write every day at the computer!

    and I love that you didn't push your son, and let him make his own choices. So many people practically force their children into religion.

  4. Yeah! I'm so glad you posted more than three days too! And I always wondered what the inspiration for your blog title was--so catchy.

  5. Oh good. Nice to hear the feedback. I always wondered what people thought of my blog name and if anyone ever wondered what it meant.


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