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Friday, September 21, 2007


People say there are no dumb questions. I submit then for you these brilliant queries. Decide for yourself.

  • Are there other types of dogs in Mexico besides chihuahuas? Honestly I didn't think that there were any chihuahuas left. Aren't they all on the arms of drunk bimbos in Hollywood?
  • Do they have tea in Mexico?
  • How did you get here? A question for Edgard, who answered: "by plane." The person then replied, "no...really, how?"
  • Is this your first child? A question put to me several times while I was pregnant with Irene and holding Anthony's hand. I have also been asked, in front of Anthony, if he was mine. I just think that is such a stupid question with all the different families nowadays.
  • Are there universities in Mexico? Well not much of one... UNAM is only the second oldest university in all of the Americas---UNMSM in Peru takes the honors, as it was founded on May the 12th of 1551. It is a little embarrassing as they missed the number one spot by a matter of months. UNAM was founded September the 21st of 1551. (¡Feliz Aniversario hoy!) I am sure they have been hanging their head in shame for 456 years.

  • Do you guys play music in English? This questioner was extremely astonished to hear this, after Edgard was explaining how classic rock stations in Mexico are better, since they play a vast selection; b sides and the like.
  • Be careful, he may want to marry you for papers. Okay so this wasn't a question, per se, yet it was good enough to include. Although, in retrospect, I realize that he may have married me for convenience rather than love. After he crossed the border on his trusted burro "pepe" he was agonizingly single and could do whatever he wanted. He had no one to spend his hard-earned money or fight with him on his days off. Since our marriage, he has been thrown up on---by the kids, not me---nagged almost to the point of convulsions---by me, not the kids. He has the joy of the famed marital relations, as well. I don't mean in-laws. He, now, has to ask permission to move or breathe. He never had that kind of care and concern when he was a, miserably single, immigrant. I almost feel sorry for him, until I remember he is just using me and the kids as an excuse to go to work every day for the next 33 years. Jack ass. Sorry, Pepe.
  • When is cinco de mayo? Can I just say, that I was very drunk at the time? I wasn't, but can I say that I was?

I can't think of any more at the present. I must say, though, most of the blatant stupidity could have been avoided, had the person just thought for one second, before they opened their mouth.

Anyone else want to play along and add the stupid question they have had to deal with? It doesn't have to be on any particular subject. Is it stupid? we will take it. Add it in the comment section.

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  1. oooh, oooh, can I play too?!?

    Do they have roads in Chile?

    Do you live in the jungle?

    You know he's only marrying you for the visa, right?

    Do they have real universities in Chile?

    So have you learned to speak Chilean yet?

    funny, how a lot of the questions are the same as ones you have been asked!

  2. After introducing my new born twins as a boy and a girl - "Are they identical twins?" Well, right off the bat I can think of one major difference.

    "You are staying in India? Do you know (insert common indian name here)?" Um...over 1 billion people.

  3. It is so funny that the questions for Latin America are very similar.

    I laughed so hard with the question about the twins. I hope you gave someone that response. It was beautifully sarcastic.

  4. Hi, interesting questions about Latin America, its only about culture!

  5. I think my favorite was first time I came to Chile and a friend kept complaining that he couldn't find it on a map. He proceeded to pull out a map of Europe!

    Also, in line with the twins questions... here is a post on top ten stupid questions about a different set of twins:

    The post is in Spanish, but I was crying I was laughing so hard by the end of it.

  6. I read the list of questions and I was left to wonder...why do people ask the blatantly obvious questions??? Most things could be answered by a simple two seconds of observation.
    It isn't limited to twins, either. The stupidly obvious questions just double. Are they two??? Seriously people!

  7. u see those 3 little moles i have by mouth?

    i'm constantly asked if they were real....not too crazy since i understand that there are a few souls who draw on "beauty marks"...BUT i once asked if i had ever tried connecting them...they wanted to know what it looked like...never done it but i knew the answer: a big black spot. duh.

    i've also been asked several nutsy questions about my hair. guess many people are confused about the texture of black hair and i have had to diffuse the myth that my hair can NOT been molded into any random kooky shape without the help of styling products...just like any other race's hair. the odd thing is, i have never had my hair styled in anyway that would give soemone this impression, so i'm guessing i was acting as a spokesperson for the entire AA race. ha!

  8. if you are the spokeswoman for the whole African American race then I am the spokeswoman for the "no my husband is not the stereotypical 'macho' Mexican man."


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