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Friday, September 14, 2007

my dad's reaction

So my Dad is fairly new to reading my blog because I was too chicken to let him read it before. This is what he had to say about the previous post.

Hi everybody,
I love all the pictures. That's a cute story about the old couple. But who are those people in the pictures. Yep, I still think you're a natural writer. Some magazine or newspaper is going to pick you up and you will be rich. Behind a keyboard, getting writers cramp, blurry eyed, and rich. But you will be online and rich so you can buy me books. Did I mention, I like books?
tee hee.
It's really a cool blog Ra.
Love, your Dad

I think I just figured out where I got my writing style from.
My parents also read the comments and were quite touched.
Have an excellent weekend and don't forget that I will be posting a photo of another book.


  1. Rachel,
    Just watched your youtube- what a cute family!

  2. looks a little like a submissal tape for an insane asylum but we sure have fun!

  3. What a sweet comment from your dad!

  4. awww, that's so cute that your dad reads your blog and wrote you that note...

    I'm too chicken to let my parents read my blog, you're way braver than me!

    I know I would censor myself too much if they were reading. My parents like to think that everything in my life is completely perfect and I never want to dissapoint them.

  5. What a nice note from your father. I agree with him; you are a great writer.


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