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Sunday, October 7, 2007

chile vs. united states---who will lose?


We hope.

I have started a little friendly competition with a fellow blogger. She personally has 15 pounds to lose until she is at her goal weight. I, on the other hand, have around 1500. Well, maybe not quite that much, but still considerably more than 15 pounds. I have had trouble starting on my way to weight loss. Many false starts. My thinking was, that if I could lose 15 pounds, then it would be the heartening startup I need to continue losing weight. I knew that Mamacita Chilena, of the above mentioned blog, was wanting to lose those last 15 pounds and I wanted my jump start---and that is why I asked her if she might be willing to join me in losing them together. My proposed plan was to lose 15 lbs in two months. A nice do-able goal. If we were successful, then she would be done and I would continue on with a new goal from there. She agreed---so we then dusted off our fitday accounts and got started.

Here is where I am at so far.

starting weight 195

this mornings weigh in 189

days left of goal 45

mamacita chilena's inner mental workings---
Go check her out---and vote for her by the way. If you don't know what I am talking about then click on the link above...yeah, yeah, yeah. You know you want to.
mamacita's Chile travel blog
Her other blog...(gorgeous pictures too)


  1. woo! The one-eighties!! I would LOVE to be there right now! Go you!!!!

  2. "Many false starts. My thinking was, that if I could lose 15 pounds, then it would be the heartening startup I need to continue losing weight."

    I can't even count my false starts!

  3. and how much is 15 pounds in kilos?

  4. Groovybabe---Thanks. At the rate that you are headed, especially with your loss last week, you will be soon.

    John--Why do we have to do that I wonder? I am glad that you were successful though. Those are the stories that will power me through!

    Daniel-- 15 lbs=6.8kilos
    My weight doesn't sound so bad in kilos ;)

  5. uh oh, if this is a competition, I'm going to loooooooooooooose!!!!

    hahaha, I just went for a celebratory dinner...because Seba got a new job and we're probably going to mooooooooooooooooove, far far far away from Santiago and MIL :)

    Tomorrow I'll weigh myself and let you know what the damage done from my 3 day long celebratory weekend is!

  6. Good for you Rachel! I'm cheering for you. I think 15 pounds is a good aggressive but healthy goal for 2 months. Good luck!

  7. Thanks John--- I hope that I won't disappoint. I am quite excited, actually.

  8. Mini goals are great, don't worry so much about a time line or if you don't reach the entire goal - just keep setting them and keep going and you'll make it!

    I've lost over 90 lbs so far, only a mere 60 more to go. :)

  9. This is fun, I have to admit that I am trying to lose some weight too, but my strategy is to walk a lot. Good luck with your goal Rachel!

  10. Lady what you have done already is so impressive. Thanks for the visit...seriously.

    Daniel: Thanks for the good wishes. I agree about the walking thing. I just need to make up my mind to do it!


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