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Saturday, October 27, 2007

three men and the thames

When I was young, I frequently went to antiques shows with my parents. One particular year, they were sharing their booth with a friend, and fellow antiques dealer, Debbie. Normally I would have gone around to look at other dealers setting up their booths, but this time I chose to stay and check out what Debbie had brought to sell. I am very nosy. She had a number of books and, of course, that got my nerdish little heart a-fluttering immediately. She, to get rid of me out of the goodness of her heart, gave me a book to borrow, to pass the time.
It was an old black book, very small, and a bit musty. It showed an original printing from 1899. I, personally, had never heard of it and it looked to me to be a very boring read. That has never deterred me....thank goodness.
I started reading it and found, instead of some stuffy novel of the week, a very tongue in cheek account of three men who decide to take a little trip on the River Thames, for their health---as they are ailing from everything, with the exception of housemaid's knee. I quickly read the entire book and then returned it.
I was thrilled, later, to come upon a copy of Three Men in a Boat at a thrift store. This one is a bit newer, 1964, than the original book that I read.

I really love the 60's presentation.

Here are the original Three Men

Jerome K. Jerome---to say nothing of the dog.
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  1. The 60's presentation totally reminds me of the artwork on a lot of Roald Dahl books. Have you ever read any of his stuff? He's my favorite children's author ever. And I'm not going to lie, I reread most of the books that I loved as a child, as an adult and STILL think they're amazing!

  2. this was so interesting. i just love old historical stories and photos. how neat!

    FYI, i have an award for you on my blog.

  3. So great...I love when you surprise yourself! :)

    The Egel Nest

  4. Mamacita Chilena: I love Roald Dahl. I keep forgetting to buy his stuff for my kids. I need to do that!


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