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Sunday, November 4, 2007


I think I see a theme here.....


  1. It's a day at a time. Be patient with yourself.

    A challenge (dear friend):

    Try sleeping eight hours a night for thre straight weeks.

  2. I think for me, this is really good advice. If I could just turn myself around on the sleeping thing, I would be happier.

  3. You are a blessing. (Forgive my misspelled word---I know how to spell "three!")

  4. One day at a time is right. Sleep, oh how I agree with you there Rachel.

  5. The Southwest airlines commercial tag line, "Wanna get away..." comes to mind :)

    The Egel Nest

  6. It would be so nice to have some juan on juan time with your kids to be able to share all those books about their Mexican heritage with them.

    AHHH, sorry, I couldn't resist!!!!

    btw, I have Culture Shock was pretty interesting!

  7. ahhh...where would we be without our cheesy friends. I knew you would have to work that "juan on juan" thing in someday ;)
    I think that I am gong to buy the culture shock:chile next. I think that the culture shock books are sort of like cliff notes to a country. But it beats ignorance any day, right?


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