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Thursday, February 14, 2008

valentine's güey

While everyone else is more likely to be writing warm and fuzzy posts about Valentine's day, I decided to write something on a more practical side of love,from a woman's perspective. I will leave the warm and fuzzies to the people more suited to it.
This is my advice, to men, when you are...gasp...arguing with your woman. She doesn't necessarily want to be agreed with, but rather, simply, to be understood. Especially refrain from acquiescing if you are doing it to bring about an end to the argument. If there is any way possible, though you may not agree with what she is saying, to put yourself in her place, and try to
understand what she is feeling in that moment. It could be better for both of you. And then, do your level best to show her that it has made an impact in your brain. If you find that she is repeating something over and over again---then she does not feel either heard or understood. And please, especially, don't say:
  • whatever
  • you are crazy
  • rolling your eyes
I realize that the last one isn't an actual phrase...but believe me, it is the loudest one.

And on that note...Feliz Dia de San Valentin


  1. All excellent advice...especially the eye roll....I am happy to say I don't use any of those 3 techniques :)

    Speaking of advice...

    I have a new feature I am starting over at the nest, please come check it out!

    The Egel Nest

  2. Sweetie, so glad you're back. And it sounds like your V-Day rivaled mine. I have to say, "Whatever" is never a good response from a man. Nor is the eye-roll. I will refer any future man in my life (if there is such a thing) to this here post.

  3. Bradley: I am loving he idea of a man that submits to questioning by females...I personally am thinking of about a hundred! Great new feature.

    Shauna: I hope you survived your valentine's...I went to a very action packed, non-romantic movie---by myself! Thanks for the nice words.


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