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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

say what?!?

  • Edgard: I am getting out of here. I'm on my way home.

  • Me: okay...hey can you stop by the store and get tortillas? I would have picked them up but I thought we had some in the freezer....they must not have made it through the great freezer debacle of '07.*

  • Edgard: Sure, I can get some corn torntillas.

  • Me: What did you say?

  • Edgard: Torntillas.

  • Me: I thought so.

  • Edgard: hee hee hee

*The great Freezer Debacle of '07: in which Edgard, in a fit of organization, threw out everything that was good in the freezer and left all the bad stuff.

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