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Monday, August 18, 2008

it's all in the perspective, my dear.

So what do you do on a Saturday, home alone with the kids, with nothing but a cellphone camera and some imagination?

You take some pictures.....
...send them to your husband, and make him think that you plunked down his hard earned money on some unneeded and expensive new toy for the children.

It is at this point, around the third frantic interrogation text message, that you can start laughing...and I don't mean your everyday laughter... this is where you can pull out the evil villainous laughter you have been practicing since 5th grade. Go've earned it.


  1. Rachel. You are a GENIUS. I also love the one where you put a palm out for someone to stand on. :)

  2. haha.. you totally fooled me. THoese look great. By the way.. thanks for the encouraging comment. I thought "annonymous" was a little cheeky.

  3. Cool pics! I need to learn how to waste my time in such a fun, pratical jokester, fabulous mom kind of way!

  4. Ok, that's hilarious!!!! :)

  5. That is awesome! Go imagination!

  6. Thanks guys---er gals. The one thing I can say for imagination is that it's free---plus the kids actually have fun without realizing you are just being cheap!


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