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Thursday, August 7, 2008

pneumonia and me

I have been trying to think of the good parts of pneumonia, and the only thing I could come up with was, that the best thing about pneumonia is not having it at all.

Too late.

One really nice thing that has come out of it was this beautiful and romantic bouquet.

Thanks Mom.

The other thing that is admittedly nice is guilt-free computer time. Who is going to guilt a sickly woman with a potentially fatal infection, right? Besides when would they ask me to give up my laptop...between the paroxysms of coughing or all the choking?

This has been interesting, though. I have found that with a little help from my mom willpower and more help from Edgard some ingenuity, you can pretty much parent completely from the comfort of your soggy week old sheets. Just a note: the sheets in the picture are not the previously discussed week old soggy sheets but a brand new set that Edgard put on when I called him from the doctor's office to tell him of my pneumonia.
I could add that to the list of reasons to have pneumonia.---that it will make your husband change the sheets! But, I guarantee that if you have a black set of sheets, no matter how deeply hidden in your linen closet, he will most assuredly dig those particular ones out and use them. Bye bye blue toile sheets, hello shroud-like manly ones. By the way, love the sheets honey, know I am only teasing, right? Please change them again sometime.


  1. Hope you are feeling LOTS better by now!

    I have had pneumonia 3 times, so I can truly identify!

    Take good care!!


  2. Bradley's Mom (Linda): Thanks so much for the good wishes. Three times? You must be a patient woman to have endured that! I just might stop whining now! Thanks for the visit in my little blogdom, as well!

  3. How thoughtful of your husband. There is nothing better than fresh sheets (plus flowers!) when you are sick.

  4. Linda: Yes very thoughtful..along with all the childcare he is completely taking over. Quite helpful during this time!


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