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Sunday, September 25, 2011

how to succeed all over the place

Poor Anthony has the stomach flu. Let me tell you a little something about our Anthony.  He hates to vomit...he even banned me from saying the word, he hates it so much.  He gets it from me.  I haven't done any know what since 2001.  Yes I am proud of that.  Irene took after Edgard and is the "anything to make you feel better" camp of thinking.  
But back to Anthony....  Edgard and I thought we would give him some activated charcoal to help him along, considering he is literally willing himself not to upchuck. We had to break the pill open in water because he doesn't do the whole pill swallowing thing well either. He took one gulp and it grossed him out so much he vomi...well... let's just say it was a very successful venture.  He successed and successed.  He successed into the garbage and successed into the toilet.  Anthony is now clutching his gatorade to his chest as we wanders around the house humming. He feels better but is so chalky, he almost looks like a white kid!

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  1. I can't imagine my life without vomiting. It's always sweet relief at the end of a nauseous horrible moment. Your poor son!


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