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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

speaking of uprooting trees

You will, no doubt, notice the gorgeous tree in the front yard of our home. Isn't it pretty? isn't it sumptuous? You should smell the beautiful chainlike pink blossoms in the springtime. It smells like California. And not the stinky littered parts of California either...the nice blossom filled California.

But you can't. It is no more. That is why my husband spent a half a day, in the blinding hot sun, uprooting a tree. And yes, in case you were wondering, it was not salvageable. We strongly suspect that some kids tried to hang on it. We have neighbors, whose children are allowed to run wild, and they often choose to play in front of our house, alone, and in the street, I might add. They range in age of about 3 to 17.
Stinking kids parents.
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  1. GGGRRRR! How frustrating! Little Darlings. I am upset when I see parents who let their kids run wild. I am sorry that they ruined your nice tree! Are you in the NW, it seems like I remember you saying you are. Your house looke like one that could be found in my town.

  2. Wow, the house looks great!!! I enjoyed reading your saga as it unfolded trying to surprise your hubby with the new paint job!!
    Sorry about the tree though.

  3. Thanks.... I'm glad that you got to follow along with the painting surprise. You never know who is out there in blogland!
    I definitely miss the tree. Especially considering that when I painted the house my neighbors directly across from me got inspired and they painted their house in a neon green and a dark green. It looks like a giant watermelon. And the tree used to block it...oh well!

  4. ohh man. i hate that happened to your tree. i'm not a tree hugger per se, but i hate to see perfectly good trees ruined. years ago a neighbor cut down a gorgeous perfectly healthy magnolia tree that bordered our yard. i seethed for a week.

  5. A magnolia tree? I love those...why would they cut something so beautiful, down?

  6. OH no!!! How sad. That is really a nice tree. My father in law just made his office condo board remove all of the beautiful trees in front of the offices. WHy?? He said taht the roots would ruin the foundation of the buildings! I think that it was lame, and such a waste!! how sad to see someon who adores the tree have to get rid of it! I am sorry!

  7. I like the "stinkin parents" part, could you imagine if one of our kids did something like that! We would be trying to fix the problem instantly with the neighbors, and the embarrassment. Some people!


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