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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

feliz dia de los muertos

Sorry about the poor quality of the picture. I keep hinting to Edgard about needing a new camera. Other things that I have hinted at, to Edgard, unsuccessfully:
  • two, additional, children
  • landscaping the backyard
  • my own laptop
  • personal trainer, maid, cook, butler---although, I am not unreasonable...I could live without the butler.
  • reading my blog, voluntarily, without begging and tears-----on his side...
  • the fact of my unwavering rightness
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

without a trace

I know that I have been off the radar since last Saturday. No blog posts, no comments. What have I been doing in all that time, do you ask? Looking up images of Michael Landon on Google, of course. Where else would I be?

I kept thinking that Irene reminded me of someone....I just couldn't put my finger on it. I think, now, I might start styling her hair.
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Saturday, October 27, 2007

three men and the thames

When I was young, I frequently went to antiques shows with my parents. One particular year, they were sharing their booth with a friend, and fellow antiques dealer, Debbie. Normally I would have gone around to look at other dealers setting up their booths, but this time I chose to stay and check out what Debbie had brought to sell. I am very nosy. She had a number of books and, of course, that got my nerdish little heart a-fluttering immediately. She, to get rid of me out of the goodness of her heart, gave me a book to borrow, to pass the time.
It was an old black book, very small, and a bit musty. It showed an original printing from 1899. I, personally, had never heard of it and it looked to me to be a very boring read. That has never deterred me....thank goodness.
I started reading it and found, instead of some stuffy novel of the week, a very tongue in cheek account of three men who decide to take a little trip on the River Thames, for their health---as they are ailing from everything, with the exception of housemaid's knee. I quickly read the entire book and then returned it.
I was thrilled, later, to come upon a copy of Three Men in a Boat at a thrift store. This one is a bit newer, 1964, than the original book that I read.

I really love the 60's presentation.

Here are the original Three Men

Jerome K. Jerome---to say nothing of the dog.
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Friday, October 26, 2007


So I wanted to show you my new-ish coffee cup...well normally a coffee cup. Today it has tea in it. Tea from Connecticut, in a tin made in china, bought from a Starbucks in Oregon, brewed in a mug from Starbucks in Mexico City.
Ain't I cosmopolitan?

My kids are watching Meet the Robinsons
I highly recommend it if you don't mind a little chaos. This is a rare children's movie because there is nothing crude in it. I didn't think they made those anymore.
So back to the original story: I was noticing that Anthony was warming Irene's hands for her--since it is flipping cold in Oregon, right now--and I told him I thought that it was nice of him to do that. He replied that he was doing it because Irene was warming his hands, for him, the other day. Isn't that sweet?

The other day I was cleaning my table and I broke the pottery urn that I have in the middle. The urn holds the corks from special occasions. I loved this particular piece of pottery because it was small and white and plain. It made a nice contrast against the dark wood of the table. This confirms my belief that nothing good ever comes from cleaning.

So I think I might be stalling a bit. I don't want to get to that moment where I have to tell you the results of my 7 days of perfection. It will be very embarrassing to tell you it turned out to be 2 days 1.5 days of utter mediocrity. Yet, I did learn some valuable lessons. When someone---even me---tells me what to do, I dig my heels in and resist for all I'm worth. Okay--I might have known that one already. I also learned that I am unhappy with such rigidity. I love the challenge of trying to overcome my faults one by time...which takes a lot more time than 7 days. I know, too, that I am getting better, even though I seem to be fighting with the same old things. If I really examine things, I see that I am better than I was a year ago. And I will have improved even more in a year from now. I am okay with that. Once I realized my 7 day challenge was a complete bust I started doing most of the things on my list quite naturally. Each day can be either a hit or a miss, but I can live with that, because ultimately I will be happier than setting myself up to fail in my own unattainable idea of perfection.
So was I successful? No, not technically. Did I fail. Not at all. I am filled with a new resolve. I have accomplished more than I might have, had I stuck with my 7 day list. Especially considering that, according to the list, I couldn't stay up late. It is hard to get much done when you can't stay up much after the kiddoes go to bed. Last night I stayed up and rearranged my furniture in my dining room and living room. You may call that neurotic...I call it ..well, I call it neurotic too---but it was really fun.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

ma vie en rouge

Irene in red

Monday, October 22, 2007

where am far? day one

So to recap on my first day I wills start out by sharing a comment I got from Literary Girl.

My first thought when I read this was that you needed more concrete goals on the first ones...get up early? How early? What time? What time do you want to go to bed? Do you want me to call you at 10pm and say "goodnighty!" ?
Even #3, how about shoot for 20 minutes a day or even 15?

I think she brings up some very valid points. Getting up and going to bed early is relative to each person. For example: if my best friend made a goal to get up earlier and go to bed earlier she would be up by 4 and in bed by 7. My normal sleep hours run generally from 4 A.M. to 9 A.M. But I want to really see what my body will do with a proper amount of sleep. So let me get more specific with my goals.

  1. go to bed by 10:00 p.m.---just about to do that
  2. get up by 8:00 A.M.---I know...I am a steps
  3. study my bible---I am now officially in Numbers. no not this...this!
  4. take vitamins daily---I took my stinking vitamins....blecchhh
  5. exercise for at least 30 min. a day---I mowed for 40 minutes and then the mower success in two ways.
  6. drink all my water---double bleccchhh
  7. eat between 1200-1400---wellllll is 1500 okay?
  8. do one organizing project daily---kitchen cupboards
  9. clean and pick up house regularly---Edgard did this one today...yay team Edgard!
  10. cook dinner every night---Chicken breast with pasta...yummy and low cal.
  11. get rid of 15 things daily---no problem there!
So I think all in all I made a success of the first day but I definitely see a lot of room for improvement. I mean really I am not being to hard on myself because this is only a temporary trial.
Tomorrow I will go over to my best friend's house for a play date. The getting up early goal will be important for this one. I want a leisurely morning.

Here is a picture of the kitchen cupboard that I organized...because I knew you wouldn't believe me. If you notice, I have the appliances that were on my counter now stowed away. I hate appliances on the counter!!! So yay for that one.

Picture 780

seven days instead of three

I am curious to try a little experiment. What would happen if procrastinator girl----that's me---tried to live for seven days, doing everything correctly. That is, to say, fulfilling every goal I have set for myself, each and every day. Would I crack the first day? Would I make it past three days? What I would hope, is that I could make it for the entire seven and see some good results, weight loss wise, and maybe even have a few of the things stick. I can't possibly get any worse, right? So to give you an idea of some of the goals that I am talking about, I will make a little list.

  1. go to bed early (this is such a hard one for me)
  2. get up early (even worse)
  3. study my bible (I love what I learn and how I feel with this one)
  4. take vitamins daily (this makes me nauseated)
  5. exercise for at least 30 min. a day (no comment)
  6. drink all my water (94 freaking ounces)
  7. eat between 1200-1400 calories daily
  8. do one organizing project daily
  9. clean and pick up house regularly (yep---I am a housewife that doesn't clean well)
  10. cook dinner every night (I am also a housewife that doesn't cook)
  11. get rid of 15 things daily (a pack rat who loves simplicity--I am a study of opposites)
I actually had more things to add to that list, but I have been improving a lot lately. So I already floss every night and am totally caught up on my laundry. So I am not sure that I can do this. But even if I mess up a little---or a lot--- I won't chuck the whole idea. I will jump right back into it and keep going. I am going to update, everyday, on my progress. For example:
Day one: this sucks, Day two: this sucks double, Day three: suck fest 2007.
But it should be interesting...

Sunday, October 21, 2007


There is no way to really share with you the city that I love---and the city in which Edgard grew up. Unless, of course, I take you there personally. In that case, you will have to pay for everything. I am a cheapskate. Until that time, I will show you a book, for book love weekend, that will be infinitely cheaper.
I present to you ABCDF:
A graphic dictionary of Mexico City.

Here is a little extra for you since I missed last book love weekend.

This is a book put out by Mamacita Chilena. She has already proven her worth as a photographer---I am sure that a book full of her pictures should be a pleasure to own. Here is the link if you are interested in buying it.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Thursday, October 18, 2007

a definite perk

Say what you will about homeschooling---I personally think it is a bonus that, rather than dreaming about going to school in his underwear, Anthony can actually do it.
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

some catching up

I was also tagged by, the ever adorable, Rachel.
This is a meme where you give six interesting facts about yourself.
afterwards, I am going to let you tag yourself, just leave a note in the comments telling us where we can read it.
I am at a bit of a loss because I did the
8 random facts meme and I really had to dredge it up then. I am just not an interesting person. Well, I am interested in myself because I am me. And my husband is interested because he knows he has to be or he is in trouble. I am not so sure that my kids are interested. I think they just watch me closely because I am the one that doles out punishments. That is a form of interest, I suppose.
So here goes:

  1. I used to write poetry. I may grace you with some---but only if I really want to make you laugh.
  2. I LOVE pulling practical jokes but cannot keep a straight face. Trust me...not a successful combo!
  3. There is this neighbor of Edgard's---while he was growing up---in Mexico who, whenever I would meet him, would change personalities. One time, he would be nice as nice could be...the next time, kind of distant. This happened for nearly the entire month I was visiting. I never understood why. I now, know why. Personally, I think identical twins should have to wear some kind of badge.
  4. Remember when I said that I had over 880 books and you'all thought I might know a little something? Well, I have over 300 dvd/video's. I am sure that my incessant movie watching has killed any brain cells that were strengthened by my reading. In my defense I do not have cable.
  5. Until I met my best friend, Susie, I never had much luck with friends under the age of 70.
  6. Even though I hate procrastination, I think that I do it because I love the thrill and challenge of getting everything done on a very tight deadline. How messed up am I?

fore for four

I was tagged by groovybabe for this:

Four Things I’ve Never Done:

  1. never have been to Europe (really, really want to)
  2. I have gone zero time without reading a book, or two, or four.
  3. owned a house larger than 865 square feet.
  4. had a third...or fourth child. Did that sound like a hint? sorry

Four Things I’ve learned in the last year:

  1. that I have an interminable amount of hope (optimism?)
  2. I can stick with something for more than three days
  3. studying the Bible earns me that peace that passes all understanding.
  4. You can have a great friendship without any face to face contact.

Four Jobs I’d Love But Will Probably Never Have:

  1. singer
  2. writer
  3. actor
  4. designer

Four Jobs I’ve Actually Had:

  1. maid
  2. caregiver
  3. manufacturing
  4. filing
In turn I am tagging Lady T
sorry Lady know I luv ya!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

...when did they grow so big?

As I did my nightly rounds----tucking everyone in, making sure everyone is warm, and outside doors are locked----I couldn't believe how big my children are now. It makes me sad and happy at the same time. How is that for making any sense?

This is my baby---the little one. What happened??? She is already starting to lose the chubby-cheeked baby look

And seriously...I gave birth to that? He is huge. I can't believe how quickly time can pass. Where have my babies gone? Don't misunderstand me...I am looking forward to every passing minute and getting to know the new stages, but I never saw too far past the diapers and (advance apologies to any guys that read this) breastfeeding. I am in unknown territory now.
...But I had absolutely nothing to do with this one.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

time to weigh in

Sorry for my absence....I even missed book love weekend. Shame on me. Maybe now I will post one during the week. Was that celebratory yelling or a collective derision?

So on to weigh in Monday---does that not win the prize for lamest name ever? Let me try again. "Fatty breaks the scale weigh in Monday" or "jiggly fun weigh in Monday" or "no I am not pregnant-it is all me and I can't believe you just asked me that weigh in Monday".
SO what ever it is we go:
To refresh your memory. I m working on a goal with Mamacita Chilena to lose 15 pounds in two months. Here is where I stand.

last week:189

this morning:188.5

loss for this week: 0.5

days left: 39

pounds left to lose for the goal: 9

...and by the way, don't bother to check my fitday. I haven't updated in the last 3 or 4 days. Why then did I give you a link to it? I don't know. I just like linking people to places.
By the way...if you are Mamacita Chilena and you wish to leave your weekly stats in the comments. Please feel free to do so. If you are not Mamacita Chilena leave your stats anyway...we love to know your personal business.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

brahms' lullaby and other childhood nonsense

Update, in red...below.
Last Sunday I was thinking about my childhood and what things have contributed to the person that I am today. For example, I was remembering some of the lullabies and sayings that my mother shared with me, during my formative years. They were passed down to me via my grandmother. A few samplings were

The Ship That never Returned

Babes in the Woods

Red Wing

If you know any of those songs---well, you know then, that they are all sad, pessimistic, and ill-fated---in a sweet kind of way. To get an idea of the message in those songs, picture a perfectly nice grandmother serving you a plate of poisoned cookies.
My mom also used to sing to me "I love to go swimming with bow-legged women and swim between their legs"
My mother wishes to add that the song, as she sang it to me, is actually
"I love to go swimming with bow-legged women and dive between their legs" You are right mom...much more lullaby-like when sang that way!
A sweet saying that she used to tuck me into bed with was:
"here comes the candle to light you to bed, here comes the chopper to chop off your head"
aaahhhh sweet childhood remembrances...

When my mom, sister, and I had a day open in which to do something, and a lack of money with which to do it, my mom would take us to a cemetery. It was my idea of a grand time. It still is. I had such an odd imagination that I made stories out of all the names. I even have my own
family cemetery. I didn't have to imagine it up.

When other kids were watching cartoons I was watching
Laurel and Hardy and the Marx Brothers. I was Harpo for Halloween more times than I could count. And I can do the gookie. Movie night would consist of black and white films. We never watched new movies. You know, new, meaning modern---like from the 1950's

The way my father let me know that he loved me was to call me a "little jerk". It also warmed my heart when he would fiercely deny liking children. He always had this little smile when he said it wasn't exactly true. It is thanks to him I have quite the spike jones collection in 78's. He also gave me my own portable phonograph. I still have it. It is red.

I grew up in antique and hardware stores. Do you know
how much fun a kid can have in those places? Actually I was always excited about the antique store because mom and dad would always buy me a book. I don't think that has created any major problems.

One last thing---I am not sure in what ways that my in-laws messed up Edgard---but they did it in such a way, as to make him perfect for me.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

chile vs. united states---who will lose?


We hope.

I have started a little friendly competition with a fellow blogger. She personally has 15 pounds to lose until she is at her goal weight. I, on the other hand, have around 1500. Well, maybe not quite that much, but still considerably more than 15 pounds. I have had trouble starting on my way to weight loss. Many false starts. My thinking was, that if I could lose 15 pounds, then it would be the heartening startup I need to continue losing weight. I knew that Mamacita Chilena, of the above mentioned blog, was wanting to lose those last 15 pounds and I wanted my jump start---and that is why I asked her if she might be willing to join me in losing them together. My proposed plan was to lose 15 lbs in two months. A nice do-able goal. If we were successful, then she would be done and I would continue on with a new goal from there. She agreed---so we then dusted off our fitday accounts and got started.

Here is where I am at so far.

starting weight 195

this mornings weigh in 189

days left of goal 45

mamacita chilena's inner mental workings---
Go check her out---and vote for her by the way. If you don't know what I am talking about then click on the link above...yeah, yeah, yeah. You know you want to.
mamacita's Chile travel blog
Her other blog...(gorgeous pictures too)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

john dough and the cherub

This picture of the---hm hm---plump woman, cracks me up. I, coincidentally, happen to cook a potato every day for lunch.

This book, John Dough and the Cherub, is one of many, put out by L. Frank Baum. He is the writer, if you do not already know, of the Wizard of Oz. I am sure that I will be a wildly unpopular person---more so than usual---when people find out that I don't like the book, or the movie. Did I just hear a gasp? For me the book is spoiled because of the artist. I am sure that W. W. Denslow was very good in his own right, but to me, John R. Neill's drawings, coupled with Baum's writing, in the subsequent 13 Oz books, are what conjures up Oz for me. Neill also illustrated the pictures above as well. I have read all of the Oz books---excepting the first---many times, as a young girl. In retrospect, I think that I can pinpoint most of my mental problems being due to that. Baum's words and Neill's drawings were quite odd and a little insane. As a grown woman, this can be the perfect description of me. Quite odd, and a little insane. I am not complaining. I prefer the fun times that I have with me. We are all crazy together.

Friday, October 5, 2007

looking back...

Mexico 2002 Anthony's first haircut

Christmas 2002

Anthony's first snow
Anthony's first sister

Edgard's first, non-alcohol related, pass out

Irene the chubster