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Monday, October 15, 2007

time to weigh in

Sorry for my absence....I even missed book love weekend. Shame on me. Maybe now I will post one during the week. Was that celebratory yelling or a collective derision?

So on to weigh in Monday---does that not win the prize for lamest name ever? Let me try again. "Fatty breaks the scale weigh in Monday" or "jiggly fun weigh in Monday" or "no I am not pregnant-it is all me and I can't believe you just asked me that weigh in Monday".
SO what ever it is we go:
To refresh your memory. I m working on a goal with Mamacita Chilena to lose 15 pounds in two months. Here is where I stand.

last week:189

this morning:188.5

loss for this week: 0.5

days left: 39

pounds left to lose for the goal: 9

...and by the way, don't bother to check my fitday. I haven't updated in the last 3 or 4 days. Why then did I give you a link to it? I don't know. I just like linking people to places.
By the way...if you are Mamacita Chilena and you wish to leave your weekly stats in the comments. Please feel free to do so. If you are not Mamacita Chilena leave your stats anyway...we love to know your personal business.


  1. Stats: PMS'ing, very hungry
    Weigh In: 61.2 (yes, Rachel, I gained .2 back) I can't get past it!

    Total weight loss 1.6 kilos (all of that was lost in the first week).

    But, I will definitely say that seeing that you are still losing is inspiring me to get my booty in gear!

  2. happy that you are back and alive....i have this thing wehr ei fear my bloggy buddies getting hurt and i never know about paranoid am i?

    very much, thank you. case you dont get around to me, i dropped 2.5 lbs of water in a day. i tell you, when this chick gets serious she means bizness, huh?

    i might just be able to hit that 30 before i go out of town after sweet would that be?

  3. Way to go! I always think "as long as I am on my way down..." You are truly my inspiration! I really appreciate you weigh-ins!

  4. Kyle...thanks so much for the stats...that way people can see that my diet buddy is not an imaginary one ;P

    Lady T: congrats on your own loss and thanks for worrying about me.

    Rachel T.: thanks for your words, they are much appreciated!

  5. You missed book-love weekend? Okay, we'll overlook it ,... this time!

  6. David: the question is: Would anyone have noticed the absence had I not mentioned it? I didn't note any sarcasm in your comment did I? ;)


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