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Saturday, April 12, 2008

you know you missed it

Because I know how much you all must be lamenting the loss of book love weekend, I have decided to bring it back. Please, tears. No amount of begging will talk me out of it...and you will just end up embarrassing us both. You will simply have to put up with it. So without further ado:

This is my bedside table. This is where I do the bulk of my reading...well...not on my bedside table. I usually do my reading in bed right next to the table. It's a bit more comfortable that way. If you are a reader, then you know why every time I see a pile of books like this, I grin to myself like an insane bag lady.

I wanted to address a request that I had in my comments from Rachel (who is heading up her own book club) over at Like a Star, as well as Ritamae at Ritaville Perspectives. They were wanting me to post a list of recommended books. I will defintely do that... as long as everyone understands that I am the oddest person alive in what I like to read. That being said...I will make one soon. I also had some nosy güey ask me what particular book I was talking about when I wrote that post.
Honestly, it was just a disconnected thought I had at that moment. It just really struck me how much you can become involved in a good book. I have had many that made me feel that way. If I happen to be reading one that I can't, or don't want to, put down I will lug it everywhere. Even if I know that I won't have time to read it. It is comforting just to know that it is there. See? I am an oddity.


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