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Monday, November 5, 2007

salud, paz y amor

I have no idea how I do it. One moment I am ready to throw in the towel and am feeling utterly hopeless----the next moment I am able and willing to tackle whatever comes my way. What is wrong with me??? Or, what is right with me. I hate that I get completely despondent but then I always surprise myself that I bounce right back. So I guess I am thankful that I can't ever seem to get too beaten down.

My husband and I talked this weekend about our goals and what we hope to accomplish. Unfortunately, some of the steps will be backwards so that we can regain some of the ground that we lost, but then, it is moving forward from there on in. Of course, weight came into that, and I can see that my weight and our debt is very interconnected. We are both very much instant gratification people. We need to learn to be delayed gratification people. Very hard to relearn a personality trait, but we need to, for the sake of
our future and our children's future. We are off to a good start with some changes that we have already implemented.

Relating to my ever present weight issue, I am still active in my
goal with Mamacita Chilena. I also have a personal goal myself. I promise myself, that once I get below a certain number, I will do my hardest to never be that number again. Right now I am 188.5 so that means that I commit to myself to never go to 190, again. I am very close to 190 at this point so you are probably wondering about normal fluctuations that may put me over that number once again and what do I plan to do about that? If I am at 190 due to fluctuations or simply overeating, I will know the difference. If it is normal fluctuations, all is well, I won't be too hard on myself. If I have overeaten, I will try harder. My goal right now, is to put as much distance between my current weight and 190 so that it will be harder to do either. By the way, Mamacita Chilena has started a new diet/fitness/health/celebrity blog for any of you who are interested. You can find her in my blogroll under The Skinny in Chile, or here is the web address:

So now, I am signing off to get on with my glamorous life, in which I am about to scrub a toilet---this is the sole time I am thankful that I only have one bathroom. After that job is done, I will clean the rest of the bathroom, throw out some seldom used toiletries, and reorganize all bathroom cupboards. weeeeee.


  1. hi rachel,
    I just stopped by to say hello.
    I hope everything is okay and the bathroom is clean now.

  2. So true, instant gratification is definitely a debt/weight loss thing. I struggle with both, good to know I'm not alone. S. and I just got out of credit card debt for the first time ever last i just have to start working on those student loans. If it makes you feel better about whatever debt you might have...I have $64,000 in student loans. SUUUUUUUUUUCKS!!!!! But it was $65,000 so it's down a thou from the beginning of this year. If I only follow my payment plan and never pay any more, I'll have this debt until I'm 48. Seriously, how ridiculous is that??? That's why I'm trying to ponerme las pilas and get my booty moving to pay it off. Anyways, I probably could've just email you all this but comments are more fun :) I just wanted to make you feel better and know that whatever debt you have can't possibly be as much as mine! and you're losing weight so much faster than me too...I'm back at 61.0 today and I ate heaaaalthy all weekend AND went running on Saturday and power walking on Sunday. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

    We'll get to our goals though, don't worry. I have faith in us cuz we're awesome :)

  3. Daniel: I am doing great, thanks for stopping by. And no the bathroom is still unclean...I think that I forgot to tell my kids what I wanted to do this morning so that they would let me get it done ;) Well, life always seems to have a knack for getting in the way of itself!

    Mamacita K.: I think that you and S are doing really well with being on the road to paying things off. I remember reading the post where you said you had paid the other off. I was very happy for you because I want to be able to say that myself, one day. I think that your student loans will be long gone before you are 48 because you are very good at getting things done that you say you will.
    and yes...I am loving comments so you comment AND email me :p
    Great job on the weekend. I am working n getting the exercise thing into a daily routine. try to not use the number as a gauge... those abs you showed on your post today are a much better way to see how you are are obviously gaining muscle which is heavier than fat, as you know.
    And yes...we will reach our goals!!!

  4. Thanks for the link!

    It's so hard to change your personality. I'm an instant gratification type, too, and these last few months have been hard, trying to cut back and pay off debt. I'm hoping one day it will become second nature, but I'm not there yet.

  5. That's so funny - last night I did the same thing - cleaned our bathroom top to bottom including taking every single thing out of the drawers, cabinets and closet. And throwing away 75% of it, much of it having come along with our move here 6 years ago and never having been looked at. Looking forward to my wife's reaction when she comes home, as long as it isn't "Um, where is my ::insert really important thing I threw away here::?"

  6. man....i could have worte that. minus the doing it for the kids future. though, LR wants to drop babies right away, so i cant take that one completely off the stove.

    so much of what makes iggs me is the fact that i have no paitience. yet am afraid to pray for some some bc when i've done that in the past, and whoa! no thank you. i do not pray for patience right now, hear that God?

    as for debt. my finances are still in shambles and i am lacking motivation to call the credit help number LR gave me. there is no sense or rational there....just insanity on my part.

  7. By looking at the comments, many (of us) are struggling with the same things. I love their encouragement. It all takes time and a real commitment to wanting success more than the misery that instant gratification brings. It's wonderful to talk about goals with your spouse especially in a supportive way.

  8. I love your gumption.. You seem to always be setting goals.. and trying to reach them. I so admire taht about you. Thanks for your thoughts and good luck!

  9. lynnae: I really enjoy your writing. Even in the face of adversity, you know what is important.

    John: I just had horrible visions of what would happen if I came home and my husband had cleaned the bathroom of everything he thought I didn't use. Well there would definitely be no more bathroom clutter! Isn't it funny what toiletries we hold onto for years...well past their expiration dates.

    Lady T: I think so many of us are able to write something similar to this. Debt and weight-loss are the hot topics, for sure. There is never sense in it either... otherwise we probably wouldn't be in this mess in the first place.

    Tenpounds:I think that both opf us being on the same page help immensly. Before I was nervous that if I talked to him about money he would get grumpy but I ultimately, and unconsciously, put us in a him against me kind of role.

    Likeastar: I will need luck, so thank you for that.

  10. Hey, Rachel. I finally made it over to your blog . . . good thing you kept leaving comments on mine. :D

    You have really hit the nail on the head . . . weight loss issues and instant gratification go hand in hand! And that is something that is SO hard to overcome! It is possible though.

    So good to see someone else with a latino husband. Do you ever have difficulties with the cultural differences? I know, I know, everyone always asks that . . . but as someone who had no issues with culture until the kids came along, I´m rather curious. :D

  11. I have to say that this post resonates with me. Sometimes I wake up and wonder how I'll tackle one more day trying to accomplish everything on my list and failing. I'm sure that I have unrealistic expectations, but for me, some of the things on my list are required to keep me and my kids off the street. But making money makes it difficult to fully accomplish everything else on my list--and it makes me testy and not the best mom. I also want to loose weight (and am almost exactly where you're at on the scale). So much to do, so little time (and right now, so little motivation). *sigh* That's my 180 seconds worth of self-pity. Thanks for letting me know I'm not completely alone...

  12. Shauna: you are definitely not alone. I think the thing that makes us unique is the fact that, time and again, we can fail...and we still keep bouncing back.

    Expat mom: I was glad to find your blog. I am always interested in people who are married to other latinos. And yes, I do get asked that question a lot. I bet you do, too. In fact, you have inspired me to write a post answering that very same question.


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