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Sunday, April 29, 2007

A first time

So the main function of this whole thing is to, at first, be a sort of weight loss diary. Now before you groan and navigate away from me, let me explain. I won't be posting what I eat or how many reps I do. I am not even going to worry about my grammar or punctuation (I don't have much to worry about anyway as I am blissfully unaware of every mistake I make). I do want to have an emotional outlet about everything. Right now I happen to need to lose about 40+ pounds, so quite a few of my emotions are centered on that. I will post updated pictures of me and sometimes my family and even an odd random picture. I would love to have some moral support, questions, suggestions and just plain old comments and that is what I hope can keep me going. By the way, I am a huge procrastinator so I am also doing this out of a twisted sense of curiosity to see if I can keep up with my blog.....So if after three days if I fizzle out...don't say you were not warned, in a roundabout way. Technorati Profile


  1. I use to think that blogging was for those women that have no one to talk to and have nothing better to do, but then I started reading your blog, and I was intrigued. If this girl can get past the third day, then I might give it a whirl myself. Third day, I think that is ironic that the name of your blog is Third day, and You also like the group "Third Day". There are a lot of synergies with 3. My child is also 3, Jesus rose on the 3rd day. My Spouse and I have been married for 3 x 2 years. 3 is everywhere you look, and that is mostly why I want to keep up with your blog. I think that instead of you losing 40lbs, that you should shoot for 33lbs. That would keep in line with your Third day and the number 3. 3 times Peter denied Christ, but then he was forgiven and Jesus used Peter as a great Apostle. I am behind you all the way girl, as long as there is no talk of the who-ha, then I will be fine to continue in my readings, don't you agree that women who talk about their who-ha should kind of keep those private things to themselves? I better go now....

    Your truly; The Stained Glass Window

  2. First of all, good for you for going "public" with your weight loss and goal. It takes courage to do that, and may well be the impetus for your success. However, avoid using words like "roundabout". This will surely doom you to failure! Seriously, putting your thoughts in a public forum is a creative way to keep focused on your goal. Since you brought up the subject of procrastination, the dictionary defines procrastination as "To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness". I think this definition is unfair. Don't they know how much work goes into putting things off? When it's time to sit down and do the bills, do they ever consider the creative juices involved in coming up with redoing your photo album so that it is arrranged in chronological order? Or making sure the ice cube trays are full, or creating a new soy-bean cookie recipe? They just don't appreciate true genius, that's all. So, I do hope your new venture lasts more than three days, so we can track your progress in efforts to balance daily life and the scale.

  3. left out sorting jelly bean colors and arranging the furniture in your daughter's doll house!

  4. Alright Mr. "Stained glass window"--
    you implying that you and the boys never talk about your "doinkers" ?? Puh'lease, we know better than that. You know, why you drive big trucks, and any reference to 6", 9" or 12" measurements makes you clear your throat, and go "yeah baby", oh I could go on and on for the subtle references used for your privates. So if a couple of girls feel the need to mention our who-ha's on our blogs, I say go for it! We truly are more subtle in public,and we just don't mention them as much as you might wonder......

  5. To you Rachel.
    Fine, so I shoulda named by blog the 3 month blog....I didn't want to fizzle out it just sorta happened. I think I may go back to it, but life has to cheer up a bit for me. I didn't want to have the teenager in depression style blog--you know posting all my dark thoughts and poems. I was trying to wait for positive inspiration again, for now I'll visit comment on yours for awhile.....

  6. Thanks brown eyed girl... I appreciate your support!


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