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Sunday, June 24, 2007

a little bit of before

So as I mentioned in the other are some before pictures of two pieces that are now painted.

I had actually forgotten to take the before pictures until I had started working on the desk and the dresser so I have some creative angles to give you an idea of what they looked like before I started ripping off hardware and sanding.

Definitely too froo-froo for my son with the pretty design on the dresser. (I hope that this dweeby dresser wasn't somebody's childhood treasure because its a-changing)
I will be able to post the after photos (of the entire room) on stay-tuned!! the way---a little side note connected with my weight loss. I exercised this Sunday---on this:

The exercise I chose was to pump it up. Very strenuous. Quite advanced. Well...o.k. I pumped it up maybe 75% of the way but then my dear son looked at me with his adoring eyes and said "mother darling, may I have a go with that? It truly looks as if it would be quite diverting." Who am I to deny my son the privilege of pumping up the ball when he puts it so nicely. Well, maybe I only blew it up 50% because then my daughter---the two year old---said "Mummy, I too would like a chance at such an entertaining object. When my brother tires of it---would you mind terribly if I had some time with it as well? I promise I will patiently wait my turn until then." What's a mom to do? O.k.---truth be told I may have only given it a trial pump and then my husband wistfully looked at me---then, accompanied by some odd form of primitive signs, he said "ooh ooh ah ah" Well, how could I resist.

I can't wait to get some real exercise out if though...and I think that I have just thought of the first thing I plan to do with it.

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  1. where do you even find these ridiculous pictures, what a stinkin' crack up!

  2. ..hours and hours of internet searching...when I probably should be doing something else!!


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