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Friday, February 8, 2008

baby don't go

Tomorrow Edgard is going skiing with a work buddy and his son. And yes, Mexicans ski. They also play tennis, own dogs other than chihuahuas, and take off their sombreros to shower. At least, all that goes for Edgard. I am, of course, worried about him but he promised me he "wouldn't run into a tree like that Sonny and Cher guy." Oh that is good, because I wasn't at all referring to the icy drive up there. I am glad that he is going, since he usually has to work every Saturday. This will be a nice break for him.

On the weight loss front, I had a terrible relapse at Christmas and ended up gaining weight. What can I say? I love food and hate exercise. Not exactly a recipe for slimness. But I am back at it and I will start regularly updating you again, very soon. I am not exactly ready at this moment. But rest assured, I am doing well regaining (bad choice of words) ground in the fight against my lardishness. I gave up drinking Pepsi One---I think the aspartame was having an incredibly negative affect on me---and cut back on the coffee, got a treadmill (which I am using) and am trying to go to bed earlier. Just taking it a step at a time.

On the homeschool front---I stopped using the curriculum that I was using and started using other things that I picked up at a store that I love. I am doing so much better with a little less structure and Anthony is doing well---but I believe that is directly related to the fact that he is a genius. Which is nice because I am as dumb as the proverbial post. I can't wait for the day he can start teaching me---probably sometime next week.

That is all the updating I have for now...if I missed anything, let me know.

~Feliz Viernes~


  1. Rach, you are not fooling anybody. Nobody who writes with the wit that you do it dumb!

    Haha, what you wrote about Mexicans taking off their sombreros to shower made me laugh so hard I snorted. You are so funny!

    I just about fell off my chair when I saw that you had updated three times in three days, glad to see that you're back (at least for now) in the blogging world. I've definitely missed your updates.

  2. You are so much more, and I hope you see that some day. Welcome back, dear friend.

  3. Good luck with the weightloss and exercise. xxx

  4. That's all you really can do is take it one step at a time. You'll do it :) I believe that.

  5. Skiing makes me nervous too..I wrote about getting older today on my blog...this must be one of the signs :)

    The Egel Nest

  6. It is so hard to get back on the wagon when you fall off. Good luck. I have 10 lbs that I would like to see gone myself.

  7. Mamacita Chilena: Thanks...I am sure you know how much I appreciate your comment.

    Linda: feels so good to be blogging again. I am grateful for your support.

    Groovybabe: Thanks so much...and thanks for continuing to be a really great weight loss inspiration to me...and who knows to how many others.

    Monique: Thanks..I have been having fun getting to know you through your blog.

    Bradley: I have always been timid about everything dangerous...but there was a time I would have attempted some of it regardless. Now some hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire in a cabin sounds more my speed. By the many times can I vote for you at top mamma?

    Gustogirl: I have always thought that the first and last ten pounds are the hardest to lose. The first because we are stubborn, and the last because our body is stubborn...(by the way, you look great)


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