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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

everyday is mother's day here at three day blog

Since I missed a good opportunity to post on Mother's day....I will inflict a post on you now. This didn't happen on Mother's day but it is about my mother.
I know...
I don't even make sense to myself.

The other day my mother and I were having a deep, earth changing conversation when it suddenly turned to poetry.
I won't say that my mom changed the subject to poetry so that she could share her own poems but when she said "hey, let's talk about poetry...want to hear mine?"
...the conversation naturally drifted there.
I was a bit hesitant to listen, so I tried to hint as gently as I could with: "mom please don't read me any of your know I hate that crap."
My mom, who always tried to teach me perseverance, replied "you are my daughter so you have to listen to fact if you don't, I may just read you some of my short stories as well."
So as she started in on the first poem I tried to be a gracious listener.
I really and truly tried.
I am just a terrible person though.
The more emotionally distraught the poems were, the more they made me laugh. These were written in complete desolation of mind and spirit...they were hilarious.
I still say she asked for it, though.
I warned her.
I noticed there where some recurrent themes that showed up many times in her work such as: emptiness, heartbreak, vacant souls, mirrors---both unbroken and shattered, lost sanity. Oh the heartbreak of a soul shattering loss of sanity.
Well... you get the idea. But just in case you don't, I would like to give you a sample.

I would die for you.
Perhaps I already have.
Slowly selling parts of my soul,
the pain is unbearable.
I am in ecstasy.
I am in hell.

It goes on from there but I was laughing so hard at the first two lines that I couldn't breathe.
Let this be a warning to anyone who may want to share their poetry with me. Unless you are Edgar Allen Poe, I kindly say to you: shove it.
I tell you, my poor mom...she has to put up with a lot (with me being normal and all...hee hee...just kidding mom.) I ended up embellishing the poem a bit for her and even had her chuckling to herself about it.
Here is the first part of the poem once again but with my additions.
I personally think it lends something to it.

I would die for you.
Perhaps I already have.
let me check...
still here.

Anyway to make a short story long she doesn't really share her poetry with me anymore.
Sometimes Moms can be weird that way.


  1. you and I are too peas in a pod. I would have died had someone tried to read me that seriously. And I did die when I read your additions :)

  2. Oh My Gosh!! That is so funny! I also inappropriately laugh at many things.

  3. HA HA HA! I love your subtle hint! AND your revision!


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