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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So I have a question, or two, for all of you. It concerns bloggers and non-bloggers alike.
  • What attracts you to the blogs that you like?
  • What keeps you coming back?
  • What detracts from one?
  • What makes you decide you don't like a particular blog?
Each question that I am asking pertains to content, appearance and any other aspects of blogs.
So speak up, heard.
I am very interested to know.
If you have been reading and you have never commented...then consider this your big chance.
I would love to hear from you.


  1. "What attracts you to the blogs that you like?"

    Insightful commentary, informed author, a topic I am already interested in, and (if you promise not to tell my wife this) if it is written by a beautiful woman that certainly helps. Hey, it is something that catches my eye and gets my attention. ;-)

    "What keeps you coming back?"

    Consistent posts, high quality, some humor.

    "What detracts from one?"

    No consistency in posting!

    "What makes you decide you don't like a particular blog?"

    Boring, a topic I am not interested in, author who doesn't seem committed to keeping up their blog.

  2. * What attracts you to the blogs that you like?

    subject matter, writing ability, visual look... thats initially...

    * What keeps you coming back?

    interesting content and interaction (someone who comments on my journal as well as me on theirs)

    * What detracts from one?

    bad layout, cramped layout, lack of updates, someone who doesnt comment on mine...

    * What makes you decide you don't like a particular blog?

    it is different each time. sometimes i think if someone gets heaps of comments all the time i think they probably wont be interested in me... if they dont update i lose interest too

    (i just came back to yours. i stopped looking because you said you were taking a break. im glad youre back)

  3. John and Groovybabe: Thanks for your answers. I defintely see some things that I personally need to put into action
    *cough* consistency *cough*

    I am going to write a post around everybody's answers so keep them coming!

  4. Consistency isn't a factor for me since I have blogs on my Google reader. If they update I see it, if they don't, I don't lose any time checking.

    For me the blog either has to be a subject I'm interested in, or if it's not a subject that interests me, it needs to be very well written, and usually funny.

  5. Writing style is important. I also need to feel a connection. I enjoy seeing pictures (and wish I knew how to make my blog more "scenically" interesting). And I love your sense of humor--a huge draw!


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