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Thursday, August 28, 2008


First I was having a problem connecting to the Internet (which is grievous in itself) I went to reset my modem and check on things at our main computer. I reset it with no luck so I got the phone and called my Internet provider. In the meantime I decided to restart it once more. Of course, the time I decide to call for help also happens to be the time that it starts to work again. So I got off the phone and went back to what I was doing (writing a post)....and when I looked down at the keys... that is when I discovered that my computer was covered in water!!!!

I don't want to name names...they will keep their protection of anonymity...I will protect the guilty..I shan't point a finger at the criminal.

Serious heart attack time.

This is my lifeline....

I know you are not supposed to have favorites but my laptop is my favorite child---no contest!
I feel a bulleted list coming on:
My Laptop Never...
  • talks back to me
  • wants me to taste food it thinks is disgusting
  • leaves its dirty socks stashed everywhere (not limited to the kitchen table)
  • asks to share my food
  • huffs and puffs at me when I ask it to do something (okay sometimes it will do this...but it is so cute when it is rebellious)
  • begs for food and water after a beating and prolonged confinement (just kidding...don't freak out...I would never do that to my laptop)
well, on that note, that is all I have for now. And besides, I best be ending this post before I get any twisteder..or before I run out of words and start inventorating them.


  1. HAHAHAHa!!!! Thanks for the morning laugh!! Love the pic of "water spiller" AND I definitely need a laptop!!! :)

  2. I highly recommend it..I have taken ignoring my children to a whole new level!

  3. I told my husband that until he could give me my email, I would continue to love my blackberry more than him.

  4. Jodi: I love that....can I use it? I can tell him (my husband I mean) that unless I can redesign his template he doesn't have my full attention! ;)

  5. Hilarious!!!!!!!

    again reminding me why some mommy blogs are so entertaining!

  6. I think my laptop is my favorite child, too. No wait! It's my camera. I love my camera the best. Then my laptop. Then the kids.


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