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Saturday, June 16, 2007

what have I got to lose

I am not sure if any of my faithful readers remember that I set a goal for myself 5 weeks ago. Do you remember, faithful readers? Mom? I am asking you a question! I had hoped to lose 10 pounds by this date (June 16th). I will be meeting new people today and I really don't like the first impression of me to be, primarily, of my size.
Well, I did manage to lose 4 pounds. If you have been reading regularly, then you know that this has only taken place in the the last week or so. I am a little saddened that it took me an additional 4 weeks to get my act together and start losing, but-----believe me---it doesn't diminish that I still actually lost 4 pounds!!! I definitely could have gained.
So the time has come to set another goal. I seem to work best when I have something to aim for. So allow me to explain what I have in mind. My husband is going away for a week. (no, my goal is not to be single) I was thinking that even though he will only be gone a week...I want to work as hard as I can and lose at least 5 pounds that week. I know that 5 pounds will not be noticeable, but I have about 2 weeks before he is going. I could lose another 5 pounds before he goes---and if you put that together with the 4 pounds that I already lost and the 5 pounds I hope to lose. Altogether that makes 14 pounds. He may notice a difference after being away and not seeing me daily (lucky him) if it is a total of 14 pounds. I hope that I can do it!!

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