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Thursday, October 4, 2007

...what about us?

Edgard is going to México, again.

There will be no surprises for him, like there were last time.
I am not going to paint anything...
in fact, I may not even clean anything...
in fact, I may not even go anywhere...
in fact the kids and I may not even get out of bed.

He will only be gone for 3 days this time around, and in that time I plan to orchestrate my life in such a way, that I expend as little activity as possible. I am exploring the possibility of moving the top mattress somewhere in the house and directing everything from there. I
think, at this point, I like the idea of setting it up in the kitchen. This is ideal for the least energy output, as most of the energy that I use during any given day, is directly related to eating. Obviously the one hitch in this plan is that we (the kids will be on the mattress, as well---think: life raft) are nowhere near the bathroom. This will be solved by taking in no liquids for the duration of the time that Edgard is gone. That also means showers are out, too. Another problem, is the possible visitor. I feel confident, though, that our combined smell will drive them away.
At any rate, I think that the kids and I will have a great least until the time that we get to go on vacation ourselves.


  1. Not doing anything sounds so relaxing for a change. Kinda a mixed blessing!

  2. Yeah.. and today is friday.. should be relaxing..

  3. I think i remember that about the time I started reading your blog was when Edgard went to Mexico and you painted the house. LOCA! The bed in the kitchen plan is much more sane :)

  4. ....definitely a mixed blessing! ;)


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