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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

some catching up

I was also tagged by, the ever adorable, Rachel.
This is a meme where you give six interesting facts about yourself.
afterwards, I am going to let you tag yourself, just leave a note in the comments telling us where we can read it.
I am at a bit of a loss because I did the
8 random facts meme and I really had to dredge it up then. I am just not an interesting person. Well, I am interested in myself because I am me. And my husband is interested because he knows he has to be or he is in trouble. I am not so sure that my kids are interested. I think they just watch me closely because I am the one that doles out punishments. That is a form of interest, I suppose.
So here goes:

  1. I used to write poetry. I may grace you with some---but only if I really want to make you laugh.
  2. I LOVE pulling practical jokes but cannot keep a straight face. Trust me...not a successful combo!
  3. There is this neighbor of Edgard's---while he was growing up---in Mexico who, whenever I would meet him, would change personalities. One time, he would be nice as nice could be...the next time, kind of distant. This happened for nearly the entire month I was visiting. I never understood why. I now, know why. Personally, I think identical twins should have to wear some kind of badge.
  4. Remember when I said that I had over 880 books and you'all thought I might know a little something? Well, I have over 300 dvd/video's. I am sure that my incessant movie watching has killed any brain cells that were strengthened by my reading. In my defense I do not have cable.
  5. Until I met my best friend, Susie, I never had much luck with friends under the age of 70.
  6. Even though I hate procrastination, I think that I do it because I love the thrill and challenge of getting everything done on a very tight deadline. How messed up am I?


  1. I am interested in you! You're funny and you make me wish I was with you while you go about your daily life because I feel like you'd crack me up :)

    btw, the twins thing...hilarious!

  2. Oh my gosh!! Most of my friends are senior citizens too!!How funny is that!

  3. The most interesting thing about me? There is nothing interesting about me.

    I read about 1,000 pages every week, so I have no time to do interesting things.

  4. You are NOT messed up. So fun to read!

  5. 70+ eh??? How do you meet so many septegenarians?

    Seems all my friends used to be 10 years or more older than me and now they're all younger pretty much.

  6. That is a LOT of books and movies...

    I am impressed!

    The Egel Nest

  7. I was tagged with this one too--have to do it this weekend.

    I loved learning more about you though... :)

  8. YAY!! I always feel bad tagging people.. I figure that if they want to, it gives them something to blog about.... You are hilarious!


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